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Adamite, Charlie McCarthy, adherent, aerobic organism, agent, an existence, anaerobic organism, ancilla, animal, apple-polisher, appliance, artifact, ass-licker, autotrophic organism, backscratcher, backslapper, beast, being, bodily, body, bootlick, bootlicker, brainchild, brown-nose, brownie, brute, cat, chap, character, child, clawback, cog, coinage, commonality, commonalty, composition, concoction, contrivance, courtier, creation, creature comforts, creeping thing, cringer, critter, crowning achievement, customer, dependent, device, disciple, distillation, duck, dumb animal, dumb friend, dummy, dupe, earthling, effect, end product, entelechy, entity, essence, extract, fawner, fellow, feudatory, figurehead, flatterer, flunky, follower, footlicker, front, front man, fruit, genetic individual, gillie, go-between, goon, groundling, groveler, guy, hand, handiwork, handmaid, handmaiden, handshaker, hanger-on, head, helot, henchman, heterotrophic organism, hoi polloi, homager, homo, human, human being, implement, individual, inferior, instrument, interagent, intermediary, intermediate, intermedium, invention, issue, jackal, joker, junior, kowtower, lackey, lay figure, led captain, lever, lickspit, lickspittle, liege, liege man, life, lightweight, living being, living soul, living thing, lower class, lower orders, man, manufacture, masses, masterpiece, masterwork, material, mealymouth, mechanism, mediator, medium, microbe, microorganism, midwife, minion, mintage, monad, morphological individual, mortal, mundane, myrmidon, new mintage, nominal head, nose, object, offspring, one, ont, opera, opus, opuscule, organ, organic being, organism, organization, origination, outcome, outgrowth, party, pawn, peon, person, persona, personage, personality, physical, physiological individual, plaything, product, production, puppet, reptile, result, retainer, satellite, second fiddle, secondary, serf, servant, single, slave, somebody, someone, something, soul, spaniel, stooge, subaltern, subordinate, suck, superficial, sycophant, tellurian, terran, thing, third stringer, thug, timeserver, toad, toadeater, toady, tool, toy, truckler, tufthunter, underling, understrapper, unit, varmint, vassal, vehicle, virus, votary, work, worldling, yeoman, yes-man, zooid, zoon

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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